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Got any questions about my work? please feel free to contact me.

Purchasing my artwork
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(This page is about my photography. If you're interested in my glass works, I have no items for sale at the moment, but you are welcomed to take a look at it here and here).


Buying my artwork means supporting my struggle as an artist, and I do highly appreciate it. It allows me to have more spare time to create.


How to order

After viewing my photo albums and deciding upon which work(s) you would like, 

Please read this page carefully.

Then please email me the following details:

1) the year and the number of the photo in my album that you would like to have (it is registered on the right column from the photo).

2) The size you would like it to be

3) Any special requests (matting, laminating, framing, etc.)

4) Your shipping address

I will then return your mail with a confirmation about the size you requested and any special requests, and will give you an exact quote and complete payment details. As soon as the payment is cleared, I will get the wheels going and then send the artwork to you.


I currently accept only Paypal for international buyers. If you live in Israel, please contact me for other possible arrangements.



My photographs are signed and numbered as part of a series of 7. I work with a well known professional lab that serves many Israeli artists. The photographs are Permanent ink prints on archival photography paper, which is artists' standard and are made to last.

Also, you can order your artwork with white borders around; have it laminated for protection; mount it on a solid board; or even get it framed. I use the best professionals to do that. For any of these special requests, please contact me.

One more thing about size: my early work (2003-mid 2005) was photographed with a 2megapixel camera, so most of it may not look good when printed on a large scale. If you choose such photo, I will check this for you and let you know if your request is possible and to what size. This may also be true for a few more recent works - Of course, if you order a large scale photo that wouldn't handle it nicely, I will tell you that as soon as you write to me.


Shipping and handling would of course depend on where I am and where you are. I will charge you net cost, no extra fees. Your artwork will be carefully packed and delivered in a cardboard tube, with a certificate of authenticity, and sent via registered and insured mail.

Your artwork will be produced by demand. This means it may take up to 8 business days for it to ship. I will start the process immediately following receipt of payment. Normally, you can expect the item to arrive within 20 business days to an address in Israel, and about 21-40 days to an address out of Israel. Please remember that delivery depends upon a third party postal service, so I can guarantee prompt shipping time, but I haven't got much control as far as delivery time . I can do expedited shipping if you are in a hurry, in that case, you will have to add your preferred carrier's (UPS/FEDEX) shipping fees.  


My guarantee

It is highly important to me that my artwork be enjoyed and treasured. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let me know immediately upon receipt to arrange a return and refund, no questions asked (though I would appreciate a feedback). The artwork must be returned in original condition and package to qualify for a refund, naturally.

I do my best to see that the colors in the pictures you see on the web match the actual color of the printed photograph, but please note, differences in monitors and display software and the shift from screen to paper may result in some variance.

Any more questions?

If you have further questions about my work, I will gladly answer. Just contact me.

Thank you for considering supporting my work, I appreciate it!