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Hi, my name is Indigo Wagner, I was born and raised in Haifa, Israel, 1970, as Sharon Wagner. I was a teenager in the eighties (really liked Boy George!). I graduated from high school, postponed my army service, went to medicine school, and since I found it boring, I also took some graphic design classes.

After two years of medicine I realized I wasn’t cut for that kind of life since I'm unable to witness such amounts of pain and misery. While serving my army duty, I got married, went to study graphic design for the next four years in Wizo academy of design in Haifa, and got a diploma.

Time passed, I got divorced, moved to Tel Aviv, worked as an art director, changed my name to Indigo, studied script writing for one year in Jerusalem school of cinema and TV. This still wasn't it for me. In 2002 I started blogging, In 2003 I opened a blog that became one of the first hebrew blogs to get some media attention. Couple of months later, I got injured in a motorbiking accident, which still affects me today. In 2004 I went to study art in Hamidrasha academy – and finally got a sense of what and who I am. At last.

My main thing nowadays is photography, though I do also write (mostly prose, few poems, and a blog), draw, paint and lampwork (that's working with hot glass, you can see my stuff in the glass section).


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